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Synthetic Bias



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In the interaction design domain, the matter at play involves constructing workflows and rules to guide, support, and shape human behaviors. This matter is intangible and interwoven in the relationship between people and technology, highly present in every space
and object of our daily lives.

When applied to contemporary challenges, interaction design can evolve into an empowering set of methods that generate critical space, tangibly demonstrating how phenomena affect and influence our society.

In this exhibition, algorithmic classifications and artificial interpretations are “exposed” by the intervention of young interaction designers who crafted experiences that critically highlight how the space between technology and photography is contaminated by a biased technological gaze.

The showcased projects are a selection of the results of the course Prototyping Interactive Installations conducted in the framework of the MA program in Interaction Design at SUPSI. The educational journey introduced the students to the domain of experience design for site specific contexts emphasizing the exploration of technology and design as media for creating interactive installations centered around the theme of EXPOSED Torino Foto Festival.

Over the course of three weeks, students explored the subject of contemporary photography in the age of soft-images, machine vision technology, image generation, networked cameras and non-human photography.

They were then asked to translate this domain through the lens of interaction designers, conducting research and prototyping interaction modalities. The resulting installations embody this process and reflect on how photography can be interpreted through new types of metadata, highlighting the biased “gaze” of today’s synthetic intelligence.


Master of Arts in Interaction Design SUPSI University of Applied Arts and Sciences of Southern Switzerland


In collaboration with:


Supported by:
Exposed Torino Foto Festival 2024
SUPSI University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland


Prototyping Interactive Installation a.y. 23-24


Course Lead:
Leonardo Angelucci, unstated.co


Dr. Serena Cangiano, project lead
Antonella Autuori, content supervision
Marco Lurati, engineering supervision
Matteo Subet, teaching and implementation assistant


Head of Program:
Prof. Dr. Massimo Botta


Visiting lecturers:
Yehwan Yen Song
Marco de Mutiis
Salvatore Vitale
Menno Liauw


Raffaele Amietta – Amina Fatou Cissé – Matteo Dell’Agostino – Anna Freri – Vittorio Gennuso – Kristina Greco – Cathrine Wibholm Hansen – Hanna Kastrytsa – Ieva Kavaliauskaite – Alessia La Rocca – Ka Young Lee – Marco Luraschi – Giulia Martin – Alice Mioni – Claudia Neo – Vittorio Pace – Marta Piatti – Alessandro Plantera – Dajana Anja Devi Seefluth – Sophie Sprugasci – Davide Vitrano


Selected projects:
Tangible Algorithm by Alice Mioni, Alessandro Plantera, Sophie Sprugasci,
Echoes of Exclusion by Hanna Kastrytsa, Cathrine Wibholm Hansen, Amina Fatou Cissé

Tangible Algorithm – Archive image