Torino Foto Festival – New Landscapes

Synthetic Bias



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To foster the beneficial impact of collaborations between research and education institutions and cultural organizations, the festival proposes the project of an experimental exhibition co-created and co-produced with the Master of Arts in Interaction Design at SUPSI University of Applied Science and Arts of Southern Switzerland and the Recontemporary gallery in Turin. The objective of this exchange emerges from the shared intention to push the boundaries of discourse on contemporary image-making through the lens of creative technology: What defines photography in the age of automation? What implications arise when artificial agents become the creators of images? Over one month, Recontemporary gallery will host interactive installations that blend the digital and physical realms, prompting reflection on novel concepts such as nonhuman photography, images within networks, and artificial authorship. These installations have been realised by international master students under the guidance of designer Leonardo Angelucci (unstated.co) and the festival curators, with support from researchers involved in the master’s program.

Tangible Algorithm – Archive image