Torino Foto Festival – New Landscapes

Voci Nascoste. Le lingue che resistono


CAMERA Centro Italiano per la Fotografia

Curated by
Giangavino Pazzola

Among the contemporary challenges that threaten the memory of oral heritage, thus the existence and preservation of the linguistic minorities inhabiting our ‘boot’, we find the ageing of the population, the urbanisation of large metropolises at the hands of younger populations, and the massive touristification of places. The project sees its realisation in the three original works by Arianna Arcara (Monza, 1984), Antonio Ottomanelli (Bari, 1982) and Roselena Ramistella (Gela, 1982) that set out to explore the Albanian Arbereshe community in Sicily, the Greek-Italian speaking groups of Salentinian Greece in Apulia and the Franco-Provençal speaking groups of Valle d’Aosta. Alongside the visual component is a journalistic research component that finds its completion in the podcast format in collaboration with Chora Media and in cultural partnership with Lavazza Group.