Torino Foto Festival – New Landscapes



OGR Torino

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SPRINT is a non-profit artist-led platform, devoted to investigate – with an intersectional approach – the multiple ways in which contents, supports and languages emerge in publishing, from zines to books, through magazines, that cross experimentation, researching and archives with attitude.  Since 2013, SPRINT has been shaping the Milan Art Book Fair in late November and other warm–up activities that punctuate a vocation for discovering alternative perspectives and approaching multiple voices, often emphasizing forms and formats, in a dance of perimeter, performing pages and sequence. A project of the artist Dafne Boggeri [b. 1975, Tortona (AL)] from an idea of O’ non-profit association.

SPRINT will introduce a spin-off of the Art Book Fair involving local and international reality oriented to photographic practice and beyond in an open moment of exchange and dialogue with the public.

This movement will also include the exhibition BODYBUILDERS by Italian photographer Alien, documenting the new drag and club kinds scene in various areas of the globe with a special stretched set-up modulated to coexist with the fair.

The collision between EXPOSED and SPRINT was anticipated with the award SURPRIZE – Supporting Publishing Practice – activated during the last edition of SPRINT23, won by the project A Guide on Gardening by Rubén Juan Montesinos for Handshake (Valencia), that will be presented as a book preview in Turin.



89books (Palermo), Ahorn Books (Berlin), ALIEN (London/Milan), Apartamento (Barcelona), Archive Books (Dakar/Berlin/Milan), Archivio Magazine (Turin), Archivo de la Memoria Trans Argentina (Buenos Aires), Atelier HOKO (Singapore), Axis Axis (Turin), Balam (Buenos Aires), Cataldo Lucchese (Taranto), Cesare Gualdoni/VIDICON 1980/81 (Milan), Cesura (Pianello Val Tidone PC), CIAO PRESS (Biel CH), Depart Pour L’Image (Milan), Dito Publishing (Rome), Editorial RM (CDMX/Barcelona), Fuzao Studio (Locarno), Giostre Edizioni (Siena), Girls Like Us (Bruxelles), Handshake (Valencia), Jacopo Benassi Junk (La Spezia), Koen Van Rijn (Rotterdam), Louis De Belle (Milan), PCCC (Modena), Pellicola Magazine (Venice), Press Press (Milan), Rivista Frute (Udine), Roma Publications (Amsterdam), Sasori Books (Paris), Shibboleth (Milan), Skinnerboox (Jesi), Soccochico (Paris), Spazio Muffa (Turin), SPRINT (Milan), SSWE books (Milan), Thanyyy (Milan/Forlì), The Serving Library (Berlin/NY/Parma), Timeo (Turin), Union Edition (Rome), Veii (Rome), Viaindustriae Publishing (Foligno), Void (Athens/Reykjavík), Witty Books (Turin)


SPRINT Milano Art Book Fair 2022, Spazio Maiocchi. Ph by Riccardo Giancola and Tiziano Ercoli