Torino Foto Festival – New Landscapes

Screenings: A Tale of Two Seeds / Semantica

Wild Alchemy Lab


Cinema Massimo – Museo Nazionale del Cinema

A Tale of Two Seeds: Sound and Silence in Latin America’s Andean Plains. Wild Alchemy Lab founder, Jemma Foster, showcases short films and augmented-reality artworks from the journal archives through the elemental editions of earth, fire, water, air and aether. This will be an opportunity to share and discuss the curatorial and collaborative processes of the Wild Alchemy Lab collective of international artists, researchers, scientists and practitioners. A Tale of Two Seeds: Sound and Silence in Latin America’s Andean Plains is a sound installation and short film that explores food sovereignty, deforestation, and the preservation of biodiversity through the story of soy monoculture and its expansion in South American territories, by creative studios Atractor and Semantica. The main body of research behind the project is concerned with how the aggressive practices of agroindustrial GM monocultures have had an irreversible and detrimental effect on the land.

Semantica is a mixed-media digital installation by Jemma Foster and Camilla French, comprising of four short films that explore interspecies communication and non-linear linguistics in the post-anthropocene. After screening the first two films in the series, Jemma will talk about the current production processes for the final two films, including a discussion with musician and composer Jamie Perera about biodata technologies and sonification in the score. Finally, Jamie will share Anthropocene in C Major, an auditory and visual journey through 12,000 years of climate change data. Through deep listening, it invites us to confront our ecological and systemic grief, become aware of our collective ecology, and find agency for change.